How will pro-choicers argue this?

This was from a while back but it is a good one from Jill Stanek. A woman in Indianapolis ate rat poison on December 23 while pregnant and investigators believe that this was intentional. The following Friday, the woman gave birth and on the following Sunday the child died due to the rat poison. The woman could face attempted feticide (isn’t abortion feticide?) or murder charges. It is not known how far along the woman was in her pregnancy when she took the rat poison. This is an interesting case for pro-choicers. They like to make the claim that women can do whatever they want with “their bodies”, which I assume can mean ingesting some rat poison if she so desires to end a pregnancy (kind of like RU-486, right?). But what do they say about a baby dying after birth caused by an action when in the womb? If there are any pro-choicers reading this blog, the comment box is open and ready for your responses.

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