Update: Complaint against Campus Pro-life Withdrawn

I was going to post about Silent No More Awareness today but I just read that the University of Calgary’s Student Union has officially withdrawn its complaint against Campus Pro-Life based on their pro-life display held each semester. Previously, the University of Calgary had also charged the pro-life club with non-academic misconduct and trespassing. The club is still appealing the non-academic misconduct charge.

“From the start, we always questioned which policy or bylaw we broke and never received an answer,” stated new CPL president Alanna Campbell. “Through this decision, the current executive of the Students’ Union has finally demonstrated a commitment to quality and intellectual freedom.”

“While we’re satisfied with the withdrawal, this is only the tip of the iceberg,” said Peter Csillag, CPL’s Vice-President, “we still have an ongoing battle with the University administration as long as they, despite being a public university, continue to engage in blatant viewpoint discrimination.”

This issue is still far from over but it is a victory for Campus Pro-Life. As Blaise said in a previous post, we have definitely not heard the last of this one.

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