Controversy over pro-life ad which was accepted—then rejected—by Kelowna TV Station reports that

CHBC, the Kelowna local television station that drew national coverage this week after agreeing to air a pro-life ad, has changed its mind, claiming that the ad is too graphic.


The ad has drawn criticism for its inclusion of what has been called a “graphic anti-abortion image.” It portrays an adult hand holding the hand of a baby, and as the camera pans out, it reveals that the hand is, in fact, that of a baby killed by abortion. The ad begins with the slogan: “All those against abortion, raise your hand.”

“In a sense it’s graphic, but there’s much, much more graphic images that are shown on TV these days,” he told LSN. “If you’re going to ban this image, you’re going to have to ban every crime show that’s out there. You’re going to have to ban advertising for upcoming movies, … video games, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Half the content on TV will have to be banned if this sets the standard.”

The ad was produced by Priests for Life, based in New York, and Bartram told LSN earlier this week that he believes it would have been the first time an aborted child appeared on Canadian television.

The good news is that the Streisand Effect; refusing the ad—after having accepted it—has generated a lot of media coverage and rallies in support of the ad.

We embedded this ad on the blog back in December. The only thing controversial about it is the reality of abortion. Why aren’t pro-choicers willing to raise their hands in support of abortion when faced with its direct results? (I have a guess…)


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