Pam Tebow chose life…. Pro-choicers choose to have a hissy-fit

I’m sure some of you have heard about the “controversial” ad airing during this Sunday’s Superbowl (aside:  Go Colts Go!).  What you probably did not hear about is the response letter that Nancy Northup, President of the Centre for Reproductive Rights, sent to CBS regarding the airing of this ad.  I have pasted the letter below along with my comments:

We are writing to request that CBS reconsider its decision to air an advertisement by the anti-choice group Focus on the Family, featuring Pam and Timothy Tebow during Super Bowl XLIV…

Pro-choicers always have to throw in the “anti-choice” line… but didn’t Pam Tebow choose life?

We believe it is essential that you determine whether the proposed Tebow advertisement meets CBS’s own standards with regard to accuracy and advocacy…

Right… they are interested in only the accuracy and advocacy of the ad, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that this is an ad that promotes the dignity of life.  I’m sure they will target those Axe commercials next because surprisingly a crowd of hot girls don’t actually fondle you when you slap the stuff on.

Past media coverage of the Tebows suggests that the ad may present a misleading picture of the reality of abortion in the Philippines. In 2007, the Gainsville Sun reported that Pam Tebow was living and working as a missionary in the Philippines in 1987 when she was pregnant with her son Tim. According to the Sun story, doctors encouraged Mrs. Tebow to terminate her pregnancy because she had suffered a medical condition that endangered her health and the pregnancy…

Because of these draconian and discriminatory laws and practices, women with life- threatening pregnancies have had no choice but to risk their lives, either by continuing their high-risk pregnancies or seeking unsafe abortions. In 2008 alone, at least 1000 women died, and 90,000 more suffered complications, as a result of the Philippines’ criminal abortion ban.

Does this group have any evidence to back up their stats?  Also, how was Pam Tebow’s pregnancy high risk?  Doctors do make mistakes since no diagnostic test is completely accurate… Tim was born healthy and ended up becoming a Heisman Trophy winner even though some doctors said it was best if he was aborted.

Given this context, it raises questions about whether physicians in the Philippines would have urged a married pregnant woman to illegally terminate her pregnancy in 1987…

HAHAHA!  I guess the pro-choicers forgot that one of the reasons why Roe v. Wade came about was the fact that “countless” women were being harmed in back alley abortions (not that these numbers were in any way true).  If abortion was illegal in the U.S. all those years but women could still be pressured to have an abortion, then how come it is far-fetched to think that doctors in a “draconian and discriminatory” country like the Philippines would not do the same?

There is still time before February 7 to reconsider your action and we urge you to do so.

If you would like to support the airing of this pro-life ad during the Superbowl, please sign the petition here.

1 Comment on “Pam Tebow chose life…. Pro-choicers choose to have a hissy-fit

  1. The only two things the abortionists are good at are killing children and telling lies. They have lied about everything since the beginning of their horrible movement 45 years ago.

    Now they are citing “statistics” about illegal abortion crime in the Philippines and we are supposed to believe them because, what, they are trustworthy or something?

    The abortionists have no credibility, no honesty and no decency.

    Notice how Northrup (and other abortionist advocates have used the same language) has described the situation: she says things like “terminate her pregnancy” and “endangered her health and the pregnancy”. She cannot bring herself to say “terminate Tim Tebow” or “endanger Tim Tebow” or “kill Tim Tebow as an unborn child”.

    The abortionists cannot bring themselves to face the horror and violence which they support. Opponents of unborn human rights are without doubt the most intellectually dishonest group of people in history.

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