McGill Student Union Revokes Pro-Life Group’s Club Status

McGill’s student union has indefinitely revoked suspended club status from Choose Life, the pro-life club on campus. (via Big Blue Wave, ProWomanProLife)

Student Equity Committee work with Choose Life to draft a document for Choose Life on how to abide by SSMU’s Constitution, By-laws, and Policies, which will be adopted by Choose Life.

Let’s recall for a second who is trying to tell Choose Life how to behave: those reasonable, old-macdonald-had-a-farm-response-to-free-speech-on-a-university-campus pro-choicers.


Um… how is it that they have any credibility left?

It’s worth noting the the university administration refused to block the event, and disagreed with SSMU that it was somehow an assault on students (“ah! words! run!”). You don’t need to be pro-life to realize that people ought to be allowed to disagree with you. I’d love to see which part of the constitution, by-laws or policies stipulate that each campus club needs to adopt the particular political views of the student union representatives lest their status be revoked.

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