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  1. My dear sister, I’m with you 95 pceernt. Where we differ: I DO see a distinction between sins committed for gain and sins committed in despair. The abortionist belongs to the first category; the women (or many of them, at any rate) to the second. It’s rather like the difference between a starving person who steals a loaf of bread to survive, and professional thief who steals to make a living. It doesn’t make the sin any less terrible in its effect on the victim (in this case, the unborn child), but it does explain why MANY of us find it easier to forgive the woman who has had an abortion than the doctor who performed it. When I deal with women who have had abortions, I have never had to force myself to forgive them. But with the abortion professionals, that’s a different matter I confess that I have really had to work at it. I know that logic will sound weird to you and others who were in the abortion industry this is where many well-meaning people just talk past each other. This is where your writings help people like me, Abby. A lot of what you write (on the blog and elsewhere) is intensely personal, a window into your soul. I won’t pretend to understand the logic of some of your explanations of how you used to rationalize your involvement in the industry. I can’t. But you know what? There is something deeper than understanding. True repentance ALWAYS has the imprint of God on it. I see that in everything you say and write, and when I see that, I don’t need to understand! True forgiveness doesn’t need to understand anything. It’s enough for me to know that Jesus paid for your sins as well as mine.Keep up the good work, Abby. Even though you’re getting a lot of flack (and I’m really sorry that is happening to you), keep it up. Reading and listening to your story has helped me and I’m sure, many others too to learn to forgive people who have been where you’ve been. Blessings to you, my sister.

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