Women’s Health and Abortion

ProWomanProLife has a great post about women’s health and abortion, in response to an article by Barbara Kay in the National Post.

It’s worth reading the whole thing, but Rebecca’s comments were especially great:

Workers in abortion clinics… none of them are dumb, or fail to stay current on the research… they tend to take one (or more) of three attitudes toward this work.

  1. “The research is based upon faulty premises, or carried out in poor faith, since the researchers clearly have ‘an agenda'”. This is nonsense; clear methodology discloses what the premises of a study are, and if it’s a solid approach to sound data, the intention of the researchers is irrelevant. But there is lots of evidence of people choosing to believe nonsense when it backs up their position.
  2. “Women are in acute distress when they seek abortions. They know that all medical procedures carry some risk, just as all medications do, and belabouring this point to women in distress is a disservice to them.” This runs contrary to accepted practice in every other aspect of medicine. Short of an emergent life-or-death crisis, informed consent must always be obtained before any treatment is carried out…
  3. “Women are in acute distress when the seek abortions, and don’t need or want to know if there is a long term cost to the short term cure they so desperately want.” It hardly needs to be said that, were this attitude taken toward women seeking any other form of elective or urgent surgery, it would (rightly) be decried as sexist, patriarchal and offensive.

Read the whole this — both on ProWomanProLife and the National Post.

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