Killing is not a solution to our problems

Stephanie Gray has a sharp defence (via ProWomanProLife) of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform against a piece by Colby Cosh from a couple weeks ago. Once again, if it isn’t already obvious, Gray explains why it’s not a contradiction to be against abortion and to condemn the murder of George Tiller:

Perhaps those who support violence (through abortion) in the face of difficult life circumstances just don’t understand when other people don’t resort to violence in the face of difficult life circumstances (a society where abortion is legal). But nonetheless, that’s our point. Take a message from the pro-life textbook, Mr. Cosh: Killing people isn’t the way to deal with problems. It’s the reason why we are more than just “anti-abortion.” [emphasis mine]

It’s because we believe that killing is not a solution that we stand up against abortion, but also against euthanasia, assisted suicide, embryonic stem cell research and… well, any other acts which fail to affirm the dignity of human life.

Is it really that hard to understand?

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