How to make pro-lifers look crazy 101

I just wanted to follow-up with what Blaise was saying in his last post (by the way, after knowing Blaise for the last year or so, I’ve come to the realization that he is right on pretty much everything!).

As you probably have heard, Obamacare has passed (the rest of the process is pretty much a formality).  What does this have to do with pro-life?  Well, even though UTSFL has no real position on the proper way to administer health care (for the record, I have no problem with publicly-funded health care) the one aspect of the bill that was problematic was the public funding of abortion.  Therefore, it looked like abortion may have been the Trojan horse of this health care bill as a band of pro-life Democrats were set to vote no on the bill should abortion remain part of the package.  This all changed when Bart Stupak, the unofficial leader of these pro-life Democrats, accepted Barack Obama’s deal of signing an executive order that would forbid public money being used to fund abortions.

Not surprisingly, the pro-life community feels disappointed that this deal was struck as an executive order is pretty flimsy at best.  However, some comments are going overboard, such as the following:

Now I understand why Bart Jr killed himself some years ago… he couldn’t live with the disgrace when he suddenly realized what his father really was.

and the ever popular:

Hope the lying bastard burns in Hell next to his idol and role model Judas Iscariot!

Yes, you are upset over the passing of Obamacare with the public-funding of abortion but this is not the way to argue against it.  All this sort of verbal diarrhea will do is further discredit this movement as a bunch of crazies who do not use reason when debating the issues.  So, for all pro-lifers out there (and I will include myself since I probably have said some form of the above phrases on a few occasions) let us be compassionate and empathetic in our arguing.  We are all upset, especially pro-lifers in the U.S. about the expansion of abortion coverage but ad hominem attacks will not help.  Let us stick to the issue at hand and know that one health care bill cannot take away the good that the pro-life movement will continue to do in the coming years.

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