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Roger Ebert: Remaking My Voice

I just finished watching this fantastic TED Talk by Roger Ebert on remaking his voice. Roger Ebert lost his lower jaw — and, thus, his ability to speak — to cancer. This part of his talk, delivered by his wife,

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The problem with the “problem” of Down Syndrome

Getting rid of down syndrome babies (via ProWomanProLife): The problem is that pregnant women are routinely tested to see if their child has a genetic anomaly for which there is no treatment. Doctors, who can’t stand to do nothing, offer

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Washington Times On Choosing Life For Babies With Disabilities

The Washington Times published an article a few weeks ago about choosing not to abort babies with disabilities and the pressure that’s put on couples to do otherwise. “They are told their baby is going to be deformed but when

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Life Without Limbs

Since we’ve been talking about cases where people seem to believe that a life is “not worth living,” I thought it was worth sharing this video about someone who clearly has found real meaning and value in life, despite immense

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UK Paramedics Decide Disabled Man Is Not Worth Saving

A disabled man in the UK called 999 before collapsing in his home in Brighton, but when paramedics arrived, they decided to pretend he had already died rather than resuscitate him. The dispatcher was still listening on the open phone

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Assisted Suicide Is Not The Compassionate Response To Disability

A Quebec man, Stephan Dufour, has been acquitted of assisted suicide charges despite clearly having assisted in the suicide of his 49-year-old uncle, Chantal Maltais. The media coverage is shocking. Mindelle Jacobs says there was no real harm done. Dufour’s

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