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Bake Sale in support of Aid to Women

On Monday March 24, we’re holding a Bake Sale fundraiser in support of Aid to Women from 10am-4pm in the Sidney Smith lobby. Come on by if you’re able to volunteer or bring baked goods, or even just to enjoy

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Pro-lifers don’t help people after birth?

We’ve all probably heard that old canard that pro-lifers only care about the unborn but after that the mother is on her own. This article in Lifesitenews strikes that argument down well. Here are the highlights of what pro-lifers do

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According to pro-choicers, only abortion means “help”

Sorry blogging has been light lately, but the computer has been on the fritz since I got to Florida on Saturday. Well, it looks like all those nice pregnancy centres like Aid to Women are just a big bunch of

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Aid To Women on Facebook

Aid to Women has a new Facebook Page. They provide crisis pregnancy support in Toronto to women in a caring, non-judgemental environment, and all services and free and confidential.

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