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Another Kind of Graphic Image

Hi folks, I was just reading the newspaper the other day and I came upon an article about cigarette packages. Apparently the government of Canada has imposed a new line of images on the front of them showing the various

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Parliament too scared of abortion to illegalize coercion

Well there seems to be one more example of the fact that not only does our government not care about the unborn lives ended by abortion, but also does not care about the women whose lives are scarred by it.

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Stand with Carleton

A new website is up for fellow pro-lifers to show their support for the students at Carleton Lifeline: Also, for those interested, here is the legal response of Carleton Lifeline to the CUSA after their decertification as a club.

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Choice: Carleton-style

Unfortunately, this is not surprising. If you followed the news that Blaise posted on Friday regarding Carleton Lifeline’s correspondence with the University you may already know that Carleton University decertified the pro-life group. The National Post ran a story Monday

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Amnesty International’s War on Life

Particularly after our Maternal Health lecture and hearing the horror stories about life and motherhood in the Third World, I find it more and more important to look out at the world and find organisations that are genuinely doing good

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Henry Morgantaler in the news again

The Globe and Mail has nominated Henry Morgantaler as a Transformational Canadian. As my blood pressure rose to stroke status reading the article I will just say that nominations close on November 26 so get on the site and nominate

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Media Coverage of Carleton Arrests

Just a thought, folks. Has anyone else been following the media coverage of the shameful arrest of peaceful pro-life protesters at Carleton University? Today an article came out in the National Post’s Holy Post section that I thought was interesting.

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Protester Arrested in Britain

We as a group often complain that we have it rough in Canada. After all we are one of the only countries in the world without an abortion law. Our friends give us weird looks when we tell them we

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March for Life Media Coverage

I’ve been meaning to post some links to media coverage from last week’s March for Life, which UTSFL participated in. The CBC’s coverage was dripping with contempt (e.g. “so-called March for Life”… uh… what did they think it was called?

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Powerful Speech by U of C Students‏

What follows is the speech that Cameron Wilson, U of C student, gave to the media on Monday, April 19, 2010. He read it on behalf of the team of pro-life students who were charged with non-academic misconduct for displaying

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