Henry Morgantaler in the news again

The Globe and Mail has nominated Henry Morgantaler as a Transformational Canadian. As my blood pressure rose to stroke status reading the article I will just say that nominations close on November 26 so get on the site and nominate others so that Morgantaler does not win.

In a way, I can see Henry Morgantaler as a transformational Canadian. Thanks in large part to his “work” many Canadians who would be with us today are not. I guess that could be a big reason why he was nominated.

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  1. A Question?
    Are pro-life persons in Canada and/or the world the new (attacked & executed) german citizen, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, of nazis germany? Is it fair, justice, reasonable, logical for fatherhood, life (person) in the womb + others to think, believe various canadian and/or world (u.n.) authorities i.e. justices, politicians, academics, media types, etc. simply use law, as a weapon, as a god to threaten, coerce, intimidate, individuals and/or groups into submission to them and their present time personal or political correct worldviews, fads? & unchanging life goes on …. & on ….

    From motherhood – fatherhood – life’s perspective what’s wrong i.e. morally, legally, politically or re: human rights with this canadian scene? Linda Gibbons “has been imprisoned continuously since jan. 20 2009, when she was arrested outside the downtown “scout [abortion] clinic” which is protected by a ”temporary” court injunction banning, pro-life activity within a specified zone ….. etc The Interim, july 2010 page 3.What does it mean to have done well, to have success in life? ??? God – woman – life ??? ‘who’s next’ ??? Have the divine rights of “acceptable women” replaced the divine rights of kings ???

    (TORONTO) – Five students were arrested on trespassing charges at Carleton University on Oct. 4 for attempting to set up a controversial pro-life display. ……The University of Calgary has notified eight members of the Campus Pro-Life (CPL) student group that they have been found guilty of a major violation under the Non-Academic Misconduct Policy regarding a pro-life display held last month.

    but supreme court justice + others gave the order of canada to an abortionist for terminating their canadian (life/person) child(ren) in the womb as a paid for woman’s right ….

    Even killing children …. can become routine if you do it often enough … From kathleen taylor’s “CRUELTY” human evil and the human brain” page 136: As i read the article on “honour killing of girls … in canada” i thought: patriarchy vs matriarchy ?? Why are men/males labelled very negatively in canada & in the world while women are viewed just as helpless victims with government paid for abortion rights: the rejection, destruction of their child(ren), etc … How can various canadian media & the canadian justice system + others condemn anyone i.e. … the n.s. supreme court justice stated “boudreau” can no longer call herself mother because she strangled to death her daughter, & from the windsor star (reuters) 5-23-09 pg c8: the mother of baby p. the toddler who died following a horrific campaign of abuse, was branded manipulative, self-centred and selfish by the judge who jailed her … … but canada’s supreme court justice + others gave the order of canada to an abortionist for terminating their canadian (life/person) child(ren) in the womb as a paid for woman’s right, Why does law find boudreau & men guilty of ??? but not ??? ….. from canadian press 2-11-09: SASKATOON — A Saskatchewan mother has been sentenced to two years in jail for killing her baby daughter. canada, just a handicapped nation containing a wide variety of confused citizens .. etc

    Responding to your (Ignatieff – leader of the federal liberal party) invitation to discuss: Are you, by stressing “women’s right to choose”, discriminating against, ignoring the rights of the life/person in the womb & fatherhood rights …. Thereby supporting the exclusion, rejection and destruction of thems ??? Do human rights = favoritism, discrimination, destruction & hypocrisy ??? Are human rights subject to fads at the level of politics, law, culture, academics, media, etc. You should be watching the latest federal political ads in canada to see the next public victim in canada or look in the mirror !!! Another comment, in response to your (michael ignatieff) invitation to discuss: “women’s right to choose”. Does this action/right, reveal clearly & beyond doubt, the modern (as the ancient) woman does not understand what it means to be a female or male, woman/man relationships and/or sex/sexuality and actually “NEEDS” this “CHOICE” as a result of ignorance, inadequacies, failures, short-comings etc. Does this mean she has become/is the male/man she condemned but demanded to be the same as, = to ??

    A new idea for michael ignatieff LET’S HAVE AN INTERNATIONAL WORLD (PRIDE) DAY FOR LIFE – CHILD IN THE WOMB, FOR FATHERHOOD & MOTHERHOOD, FOR THE WORLD OF RELIGION, FOR PRO-LIFE PERSONS, FOR husbands, MALES/white MEN, FAMILIES OF A MARRIED MALE & FEMALE … etc …. the rejected, excluded, hated of ontario, of canada ! ?

    It was amusing to watch and listen to the secretary of state for the usa state publicly on a canadian tv news program that she supports women freely choosing to reject & destroy their children as a human right ….. and following this we saw, heard from the political leaders of canadian opposition parties supporting this same policy as a Canadian paid for woman‘s right. So, does this mean it is acceptable, for some life/persons to be excluded from american and canadian life, society ??? And if it is reasonable, fair, just to reject, destroy your american and canadian children in the womb how can it be unacceptable for others in the world to reject, destroy american or canadian citizens ……. ???? i.e. taliban, al qaeda, american militia groups …

    From Windsor star 8-12-10 pg A9 letters to the editor: Prop 8 ruling blow to democracy Openly gay chief u.s. district judge Vaughn walker’s decision to overturn the voter approved proposition 8, which defines marriage as between one man and one woman in California, slices at the jugular of true democracy. His 138-page ruling is nothing more than an exercise in rationalizing without thinking rationally. He bases his conclusion primarily on his ability to divine the :discriminatory intent” of California voters when casting their votes for proposition8, leaving out the possibility of his own preconceived bias as a gay man. Walker’s ruling illustrates that he does not understand the essential public purpose of marriage, which is to attach mothers and fathers to their children and to one another: He replaces this public purpose with private purposes of adult’s feelings and desires. It’s time to put a stop to judges who redefine our most fundamental social institutions and use liberal courts to obtain political goals they cannot obtain at the ballot box. Xxxxxx, Windsor.

    Are canadian universities, politicians, justices, medias … etc the new gods ??? And/or at the public level canada’s NEXT NEW OLD rejecting, oppressive catholic church? Is law just a weapon to coerce, threaten, intimidate a citizen into submission to the latest authorities worldview, fad ? You sinned no seatbelt, you sinned talked on a cell phone while driving, you sinned no helmet while bike riding, you have sinned ate junk food at school, you sinned eat fats, used salt, you have sinned smoked .. you have sinned drank alcohol & drove, or you might have sinned RANDON STOPS OF DRIVERS BY POLICE RE: DRINKING, you have sinned didn’t pay taxes, but it is just fine, no sin, to reject, destroyed your child and/or us’s in the womb as a paid for woman’s human right and discriminate against the father & the baby, Etc. Has the divine rights of women replaced the divine rights of kings?

    Does the present time canadian talk about abortion reveal clearly and beyond doubt the “modern professional women” are motivated by personal priorities that put self-interests, self-welfare first & trump her child’s in the womb personal interests & personal welfare and the father’s personal interests and personal welfare. Have the divine rights of the “modern professional women” replaced the divine rights of kings …… Is she the male she condemned ??? Canada … no new life/children … No future !!! Ref: windsor star 5-4-10- page A6 “choose public health evidence over emotion” And the ???????? said … I am woman and can do combat roles because I’m not afraid of pain suffering or death. & I can kill others ! In Canada/u.n. is gender meaningless ! Have politicians, justices, media, professors, persons – institutions etc made life meaningless ….. Shakespeare “full of sound and fury signifying nothing ….” Is it fair, reasonable to think the modern professional woman’s perception of reality is shallow & superficial.

    The woman (feminist) said she was not being treated equally like or compared to the male, while forgetting females and males have always been intrinsically equal and meaningful, necessary for life. Therefore, their efforts to achieve equality have achieved sameness and made gender meaningless. The homosexual’s drive to be publicly recognized & equal to the heterosexual i.e. same – sex marriage has made sexuality meaningless because all are treated the same and thus sexuality is meaningless. And now we have a drive to make childless couples a positive thing …… no children, no future, only the here and now – existentialism – life just me and my self-interests. Are you just committed until it costs you money, time or effort?

    From the windsor star, 12-05-05 pg b1 … “The rule of law requires judges to uphold unwritten constitutional norms, even in the face of clearly enacted laws or hostile public opinion,” said a prepared text of the lecture Mclachlin (chief justice … supreme court of canada) gave to law students at Victoria University of Wellington late last week. “There is certainly no guarantee or presumption that a given list of constitutional principles is complete, even assuming the good faith intention of the drafters to provide such a catalogue.” Mclachlin set out a blueprint for when judges must rely on unwritten principles, which she defined as “norms that are essential to a nation’s history, identity, values and legal system.” Even in countries that have written bill of rights enshrined in their constitutions, like the canadian charter of rights and freedoms, mclachlin said unwritten principles have a role for several reasons. Societal values change over time and the constitution document can be incomplete or open to interpretation. “I believe that judges have the duty to insist that legislative and executive branches of government conform to certain, established and fundamental norms, even in times of trouble, she said. Even countries without constitionalized bills of rights, such as new zealand, find ways to ensure fundamental justice based on unwritten norms of fairness, she said. … etc

    How many more ways – reasons do you have to condition, indoctrinate others to reject, hate, work to destroy me (& others) in ontario, in canada & in the world .. ??? SEND your mennonite children to a quebec state secular, humanistic school or we (the state) will take them from your home …. they didn’t convert … from windsor star 8-16-07 pg A10 ….. freedom of choice in canada is only for ??? not for everyone …. too bad ….. how sad ….. the canadian charter guarantee was not designed to provide a level playing field for white males argued the Manitoba government in trying to appeal the decision ….. FROM THE WINDSOR STAR 10-30-06 pg B1. (they converted to feminism) A canadian chief justice reportedly believes: canadians are ‘stupid’ -who favour the traditional and established views (pre-charter canadian bill of rights)- ….anyway, what do they know … don’t hold correct view …. from windsor star 5-30-07 pg A6. from the windsor star 8-15-06 pg a8: canada’s chief justice Beverley Mclachlin said .. “.. the reality is that many people, particularly women, may have less than complete trust in a system composed exclusively or predominantly of middle-aged white men in pin-striped trousers ..” Is canada’s chief justice & the supreme court ruled by stereo-typical concepts & prejudicial beliefs causing discrimination against Canadian white males ??. (they (justices) did convert to feminism) canada’s supreme court justice’s view …. talented female lawyers are leaving law firms in droves because their profession is largely an “Edwardian male-dominated” one …. from the windsor star 8-15-07 pg A9 what is prejudice ??? university of Windsor: closed its dept of religious studies …… (?feminism? .. didn’t convert to .. bad m..), Secular school system best for everyone letter in the windsor star 9/8/07 pg a7

    (written from father/motherhood’s perspective!) Last evening (6-23-09) i attended a high school graduation exercise. There, the local mp spoke representing the govt of canada. The point of his remarks to the graduating students (our children & grandchildren) was very simple “care for others”. I thought, if i examined the pay scales for mp’s what would i find? If i looked at their fringe benefits what would i think? If i researched their pensions plans what would i discover? Are their priorities “caring for others” or are they simply normal individuals preaching one thing while doing another? Compare these comments to discussions in the house of commons where mp’s “intentionally” attempt to embarrass, humiliate the members of other political parties …. no “care for others”. Their goals are simply their own personal & party’s welfare & gaining the position of power not “care for others”. They are simply normal persons/citizens from life and fatherhood, motherhood’s point of view! Too bad, how sad! Remember, at the level of humanism, feminism, scientism, gov’ts, legal systems, academics, media, etc. there is only birth – life – death ! The end!

    Destroying canada & quebec by destroying families and children … through policies developed by naive “expert” authorities …

    Therefore, in view of this, is it reasonable to think: CANADA IS A DYING POLITICAL ENTITY because it was brought into existence by bad genes? or that canada was never promised eternal life and nations just eventually die … (birthrate falling as population ages : from windsor star 9-28-06 pg a11) From the April 20/04 Windsor Star pg A1: Contraception cited in birth rate decline … Only 328,802 babies were born in 2002 ….. The Canadian birth rate continued its decline in 2002 with the lowest rates ever recorded, says a Statistics Canada report ….. declining from 1.51 children per woman in 2001 to 1.50 in 2002. A record low of 1.49 was set in 2000. (ref to: humane vitae which comments on these matters). CANADA NEVER PROMISED ETERNAL LIFE …. …. from national post 5-20-06: Cowansville, a small town in south-central Quebec, is offering cash (up to $8000.00) to young families who move to the area, the CBC reported on its Web site yesterday… from the windsor star pg B8, 3-25-06: .. The Quebec government hopes a more generous, flexible and inclusive parental leave program announced … will spur Quebecers to start producing more babies; from windsor star 4-22-06 pg g1: WESTERN COUNTRIES WONDER: WHERE DID THE BABIES GO? N.L. to pay new parents from windsor star 5-03-0 pg a14

    The rejection, destruction of children by abortion is not a new, exciting or creative, inventive act in the human history or condition. The Roman Empire (which died) into which Christianity was born practised abortion and infanticide on a wide scale. Chronologically, the exposure of unwanted infants came earlier, and was sanctioned by Roman Law, like sparta. By the first century B.C., Romans were gradually getting away from exposure, while abortions were on the increase. (And there’s a tv ad using an ultra-sound picture of a moving growing baby in the womb with the comment – killed by a drunk driver on the way to being born !!!) In canada, it may be illegal to spank your child but legal to abort (destroy) your child (in the womb) and this will be paid for as a human (woman’s) right ! CONFUSION REIGNS IN CANADA (& the WORLD) !!! “Father, forgive them; they do not know what they are doing.” (Lk 23:33-34) They have been manipulated by ??? …. and unchanging life goes on & on & on …… Canadian/world (u.n.) fatherhood where are you ? Is fatherhood a core canadian/world human value/right … sorry, just kidding. Is sex the new canadian god ??

    To be a nation with a future, can you promote and practise (as Canada’s various leaderships in politics, law, culture, academics, media, special interest groups that do) ?? A) artificial birth control …. thus preventing new life to join the group/nation B) telling women they are failures, not equal to men unless they do the same things (jobs – professions) as men … therefore, in Canada, gender has become meaningless …. & all have become the same !!! thus denying that men & women are naturally equal, worthwhile, meaningful & different …. C) by making abortion, the rejection and destruction of life/child in the womb, a woman’s government paid for human right ??? & ignoring fatherhood, motherhood, personhood of the life in the womb D) by making same-sex marriages legally the same as heterosexual marriages ….. humans, male & female, are a normal, natural, equal fundamental entities within humanity, or huwomanity if you prefer, to ensure life continues. But, remember life, creation are not perfect and some humans are born handicapped, between male & female, as some others are born with mental, or hearing or sight etc handicaps E) by making equal pay for equal work a priority without any reference to ‘cost of living’ and thereby increasing poverty … more money to ??? ….. F) no “in power” Canadian provincial or federal political party supports life/child in the womb by rejecting abortion &/or supporting life/person in the womb’s human rights, fatherhood’s rights ? and/or making laws, policies etc to protect the child/life in the womb …. G) how do you eliminate the poor, the rejected, the excluded, the abused – oppressed .. simple .. take their place . ?? Have you ever read, studied in depth HUMANAE VITAE, written by Pope Paul the VI ?? WHY NOT ??? Remember God has not mislead you .. Mt 20:20-23 Watch study the film “Jesus of Nazareth”

    Does stephen hawking + world of science believe in miracles more than Christians do? Yes!

    After watching on the discovery channel, the documentary “Into the universe with stephen hawking: the story of everything” & reading his book “the grand design” is it fair, reasonable to state he and the world of science have mislead the public & manipulated his remarks, ideas, information to diane sawyer and others to create a false view of reality? Have hawking and science revealed they believe more in miracles than the world of religion?

    Concerning the beginning of (?human?) life he states: we have not discovered how life began but think (speculate)… “we are an accident, just by chance some molecules bumped into each other at random until one formed that could copy itself. Then began the slow process of evolution … & the other words use to describe events, changes are … coincidence & here’s where luck comes in and magical and we got lucky again, and in “my opinion“ … what does hawking’s remark “science ….. Is based on observation and reason” really mean? And remember, it was science that developed the atomic bomb which was used by political and military persons to destroy, kill thousands …………

    Stephen Hawking tells Diane Sawyer: science will win over religion (wftv) Physicist Stephen Hawking tells Diane Sawyer there’s no way to reconcile religion and science. “There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority, [and] science, which is based on observation and reason,” Hawking tells the ABC anchor. “Science will win because it works.” Why didn’t he state he and science used speculation, mathematical formulas, conjecture, opinions etc to arrive at their understandings, beliefs …. Where is integrity, honesty concerning their ideas, their thoughts, their speculations. Have they just created myths, stories, theories like they accuse others of doing i.e. world of religion. Speculation abounds …. “i think ….

    Is it reasonable, logical to think life originates from a living life source? Is the world of science’s view of the world of religion like a teenager viewing his/her “old fashion” parents and who then learns, as he/she matures, his/her parents are/were pretty smart, insightful after all! Study joran peterson’s university of toronto dept of psychology lecture on tvo’s big ideas titled “reality and the sacred.” Remember God has not mislead you .. Mt 20:20-23. Remember, if life, as we see it on a daily basis, was not like this, it would not work. Does science believe it is the new canadian, world (u.n.) god ???? For people to worship & follow ????

    Sawyer wants to know what’s the biggest mystery that Hawking would like solved. “I want to know why the universe exists, why there is something greater than nothing,” he says.

    As I read “the Grand Design” I thought, these gentlemen are like children watching cartoons. They are not mature individuals who have put their forty days on the mountain top or in the desert, the dark night of the soul, thus gaining a deep insightful understanding of reality, the human condition.

    What do you favour/believe in: A SWEET PLASTIC JESUS …. HE DIED FOR ME/YOU BECAUSE OF OUR SINS OR A CRUCIFIED CHRIST WHO WAS ARRESTED as a criminal, TRIED as a criminal, TORTURED as a criminal AND EXECUTED as a criminal BECAUSE: HE WAS A DANGEROUS CRIMINAL or a threat to ?? (Mt26:36-56). How can, could a person believe, have faith in this GOD??? A GOD born as a child to a virgin (union of spirit & matter) in a poverty situation and who years later died/EXECUTED alone as a tortured, rejected, dangerous criminal by the various authorities; (DOMESTIC & FOREIGN) political, religious, military, cultural, legal, etc. persons, groups of that era. (study in depth “jesus christ, superstar”) (DOES GOD FORGIVE ME/US OR DO I/WE FORGIVE GOD ??? Study in depth the film GOD IN THE DOCK Paulist Fathers, Pacific Palisades CA 90272) REMEMBER: at the level of nations, civilizations, politics, law, culture, academics, media, unions and/or “human authorities” and/or persons-institutions there isn’t any (acceptable, workable) answer concerning life !!! read, study armstrong’s work “THE CASE FOR GOD”! Remember, whether you work for or against life, you work for life/God! Watch study the film “Jesus of Nazareth”


    To better understand the Good News (bible) it is helpful to remember time for the Judaic-Christian faith is lineal (doesn’t repeat) as compared to believing time is cyclical (repeats). To clarify this reality we can view the Bible as a person on his or her journey through life to God. In the beginning, the book of Genesis, is like a child because God, the parent, does everything. In the book of Exodus, the Jews/Hebrews, like teenagers, discover there are expectations and demands (the Ten Commandments) put on them if they are to be a successful people, a successful community or nation. Following these rules allow the group to function in an orderly manner for everyone’s benefit. In the book of Judges we see the Jews or Hebrews are like a young adult (nation) establishing him or herself among other adults (nations) as a viable, productive and equal individual. [What makes them different to other nations is the fact they believe in, worship and follow the ‘one’ God’s laws.] In the books of the Kings and Prophets we discover the Hebrews as struggling middle-aged adults, facing all of the problems of life – the mid-life crisis. Now after 2000 years we come to the New Testament, the time of Jesus the Christ, a mature, knowledgeable and experienced human – a senior citizen – who knows that in spite of the suffering, the persecutions, the chaos, the destruction and death, we have always been safe and secure in the presence, the protection, the womb of God. These negative aspects of life, in Christ, have lost their power and have been defeated by him …………

    Have you read these four recently published non-fiction books ? a) Richard Dawkins “THE GOD DELUSION” b) Christopher Hitchens “GOD IS NOT GREAT” c) Chris Hedges “I DON’T BELIEVE IN ATHEISTS” d) Sam Harris THE END OF FAITH ??? From a fatherhood’s or motherhood’s or life’s or a citizen’s perspective would it be fair, reasonable, logical to think: a) Richard Dawkins could/should write a non-fiction (or fiction) book titled: (i.e. canada), human rights commissions, universities, political, legal, cultural, media, order of canada medals, etc persons, institutions are DELUSIONS ??? b) Christopher Hitchens could/should write a non-fiction (or fiction) book titled: (i.e. canada ) human rights commissions, universities, political, legal, cultural, media, order of canada medals, etc persons, institutions are NOT GREAT ??? c) Chris Hedges could/should write a non-fiction (or fiction) book titled: I DON’T BELIEVE IN (i.e. canada ) human rights commissions, universities, political, legal, cultural, media, order of canada medals, etc persons, institutions ? d) sam harris could/should write a non-fiction (or fiction) book titled: The end of canada. Why Not !? Ref: Mk4:1-20.

    Why is it, that politicians, justices + other world authorities are without credibility to motherhood & fatherhood …….. And the world’s leaders of the 30’s & 40’s & present day & in other eras said to their citizens … thems, over there, are ugly & evil, have bad genes go kill them. & they did !! life stable unchanging over the decades, centuries, millennia ….. Remember, life – creation are perfectly not perfect !! Remember, sex & sexuality have more power than females, males, politics, laws, nations … REMEMBER GOD/LIFE HAS HIS/ITS OWN AGENDA!! Is life just human political, legal, cultural, academic, etc. fads …..

    Chief, windsor police service box 60 windsor, on n9a 6j5 dear sir: the other evening 3 of your officers arrived at my front door to discuss my emails & letters to various persons, institutions in ontario & canada. i wasn’t home so they left a business card with my wife. the next day i received a phone call from the lead officer and was informed other legal authorities in ontario had contacted them because they were contacted by other citizens concerning my writings. i was informed the writings were legal and asked why i do this. i was also informed i would be monitored by them, and it would be possible another visit by ??? would take place at some point in the future. once more, i asked if the person understood the writings and suggested once again ‘get some consultants’. he said that he understood. since he hadn’t noticed at the end of the writings i used the rcmp, csis & the windsor police service as references, that’s simply not true. welcome to the new canada …………. you ! are a disappointment ….. yours sincerely,

    keith wilbur, the degree that works, thinking forward, be influential B.A. 69 B.A. hons 84 M.A. 87 1817 kirkland ave, windsor, on. n8p 1l9 1-519-735-9934

    Lk 23:34 Jesus said, “father, forgive them; they do not know what they are doing.”

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