Choice: Carleton-style

Unfortunately, this is not surprising. If you followed the news that Blaise posted on Friday regarding Carleton Lifeline’s correspondence with the University you may already know that Carleton University decertified the pro-life group. The National Post ran a story Monday on this shameful action by the University:

The student association at Carleton University has decided that any club that is opposed to abortion has no place on campus and would have its funding as a student club cut off.

On Monday, Carleton Lifeline, an anti-abortion group, was told by CUSA, the Carleton University Student Association, that it was in violation of CUSA’s anti-discrimination policy.

Isn’t Carleton Lifeline being discriminated against for their belief in equal rights for unborn children?
Therefore, because of CUSA’s commitment to choice, Carleton Lifeline can no longer promote activities on campus or even lobby in any way that would go against a pro-choice position.
The president of Carleton Lifeline, Ruth Lobo, had a good response to the position of CUSA:
It is ironic that they support choice and do not see that they not having an abortion is a choice,
CUSA does a wonderful gesture, however, and gives Careleton Lifeline a saving grace (sarcasm off):
We invite you to amend your constitution to create one that respects our anti-discrimination policy as laid out above. If you are able to resubmit a constitution that meets our criteria by Thursday, November 18th we will be able to certify your club for this semester
So….how will this work? Either unborn children have human rights that need to be respected or they do not. A pro-life group cannot say in one breath that the unborn are human and are worthy of the right to life and then say “but if you really want an abortion you can go ahead”. I think actual choice and free speech are foreign concepts when it comes to the CUSA.

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  1. Guess what? They had a chance to leave before being arrested and they refused. These idiots should be in class learning something instead of preaching garbage. Or they should have done their display in the place they were told to. How are these university students? How are YOU a university student?!

    • Well, I won’t be a university student for too much longer since I will be graduating with my second degree but the last time I checked university is supposed to be a place where honest debate can occur. It shouldn’t be a place where unpopular opinions are silenced with hand cuffs.

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