Welcome Clare, Our Technology Officer!

After a weekend off, we’re back at it with more introductions!

Today we welcome Clare, our Technology Officer.

Name: Clare Timperley

Year and Program of Study: Fourth year; double major in English and Religious Education

How did you become involved with the Pro-Life Movement?: I originally became involved with the pro-life movement in high school when I attended the March for Life with my religion class. I became interested in the topic of abortion and other life issues and felt compelled to help in some way, so I sought out UTSFL when I came to study at university.

What makes the UTSFL an important part of the Pro-Life Movement?: UTSFL is important to the pro-life movement in that it is run by students for students. UTSFL not only raises awareness about the truth behind the abortion industry, but also offers practical support for students or friends of students who may be experiencing crisis pregnancies themselves.

What do you hope to accomplish through your involvement with UTSFL?: I hope to raise awareness about abortion and other life issues such as euthanasia to a demographic of intellectual young people. In addition to this awareness and understanding, I hope to offer tangible support to those who find themselves in crisis pregnancies through our affiliate support groups, in this way caring for the child and family both before birth and after.

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