A Warm Welcome to Blaise, Our Education Coordinator!

Today we welcome back Blaise to the team as our Education Coordinator!



Want to know more about Blaise? Keep reading!


Name: Blaise Alleyne

Year and Program of Study: Master of Theological Studies, Regis College (part time); completed B.Sc. in Computer Science, English, and Philosophy (OT9)

How did you become involved with the Pro-Life Movement?: I became active in the pro-life movement through UTSFL in my first year of undergrad, especially through participation in the Genocide Awareness Project.

What makes the UTSFL an important part of the Pro-Life Movement?: Students on campus are vulnerable to choosing abortion today, and also our society’s leaders and influencers tomorrow. UTSFL has a special leadership role
as one of the most active campus pro-life clubs in Canada.

What do you hope to accomplish through your involvement with UTSFL?: As an Education Coordinator, I hope to help our members develop a deep knowledge surrounding life issues, and to educate our peers on campus so that no one at U
of T can ignore the injustice of abortion.


We are thankful for Blaise’s hard work and dedication in the past and we look forward to working with him again this year!


Want to get to know the rest of our Executive Committee? Keep an eye out for more posts introducing our other members!

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