“You’re one of those”

Ok, so after a long absence I am back! (whether that is a good thing or a bad thing I will leave it to you to decide 😉 I am now a full-fledged pharmacist but I miss UTSFL so what better way to stay connected than on this great blog! My partner in pro-life blogging Blaise has been missing as well but he’s been busy with other things.

A couple of months ago a guy (yes, a guy) came in for Plan B. I said I did not have any in stock and he asked why. I told him it can work by ending a new human life and he responded with “Oh, you’re one of those”.

It did not really bother me that much. I am one of those. I am one of those trying to fight for the truth in a relativistic world. I am one of those who is trying to raise awareness about life issues (isn’t it my job as a pharmacist to worry about life and health?). I am also one of those trying to be a voice for those who have no voice.

I also went to say the Angelus at noon and prayed that he would be one of those too.

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  1. Wow! it is so good to know you are a practicing prolife pharmacist. I am also. Unfortunately, there are too few of us. Be careful in your work environment. If you are in retail and the consumer complains to the corporation higher ups, you could get canned, but your supervisors will make it look like it was for some other reason.
    I to I have had to counsel people buying plan B as well, and they always got irritated when I had to explain how it terminates the new human life, if they have happened to have concieved.
    We are obligated (for safety) to tell them how it works, and they know why they came in to buy it, (from being irresponsible) But they always get upset with the messenger, because they dont want to hear the message. And if they would just be responsible, they could avoid the whole situation. Its a joke.

  2. You do realize that Plan B works only if taken within the first 72 hours, thus preventing fertilization? So there never is a human life? Or is that the same as ending a new life by not allowing it to happen? Is that the same as abstinence?

    • Charlie, Plan B is also thought to prevent implantation of the already conceived human embryo in the endometrium. That’s an early abortion. It could function as a contraceptive or an abortifacient.

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