BirthOrNot website update: It was a hoax!

What a stupid and vile thing to do. has the story. This is no way to push forward the abortion debate.

The husband behind the BirthOrNot web site that caused an international controversy over a vote on an abortion has now admitted the web site was a hoax.

Pete and Alisha Arnold put up the web site under the claim that they were conflicted over a decision about whether to have an abortion and take the live of their 17-week-old unborn child or give birth to the baby.

In new comments to CNN, Pete Arnold said his wife supports legalized abortion but he admitted the couple put the web site online knowing they never intended to seek an abortion.

Well at least they never intended for an abortion. I hope you can explain that to your child when he is born.

He said Arnolds, who live in Minnesota, wanted to put up a web site that would engage people on the issue of abortion because so many feel it’s a topic that doesn’t touch them personally.

“A lot of people elect representatives based on this issue alone, yet nothing happens, nothing comes of it, nothing changes.” he said, telling CNN the couple called the unborn child ”Baby Wiggles” to give people more to consider.

“My intent is not to deceive people, but at the same point, I do want people to talk about this. This seemed like a pretty good way to further the discussion, because people don’t ever seem to want to talk about it for real if there’s no name on it, no Baby Wiggles,” he said.

Again this is no way to advance the abortion debate. Making a hoax website is not going to stimulate discussion, it will only stimulate irritation. I hope we do not have to give any more publicity to this type of twisted thinking.

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  1. I’m glad you posted this, because I came across that sight and I didn’t know what to believe. I remember thinking, it’s sick if they are making the decision this way, and it’s sick if they are just leading people to believe they would, but at the same time I’m relieved it wasn’t real and nobody is getting aborted. I certainly don’t think deception is justified, merely for the sake of discussion…absolute baloney. I’m really not sure what they were thinking.

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