Support from Students for Life of America

Our friend Blaise did a phenomenal job of blogging about the arrests at Carleton University last week. He did such a good job that Students for Life of America sent out a statement regarding the arrests (because it is not like they would have heard about the arrests from anybody else). Here is the statement from Kristan Hawkins, executive director of Students for Life of America:

Yesterday, the Canadian government showed once again that it does not
respect freedom of speech, freedom of expression or the sanctity of
human life. Pro-life students should have the right to speak out on
their own campus, particularly when that campus is publically funded.
The four pro-life students, arrested for trespassing at Carleton
University, showed exemplary faith and courage in the face of
discrimination.  By silencing these students, Carleton University
actually helped advance the pro-life message. The controversy
surrounding this incident will help educate thousands of Canadian
students. Pro-life students across the world stand in solidarity with
the four pro-life student heroes at Carleton University.

UTSFL, along with Students for Life of America,  stands in solidarity with these brave pro-life students. From my own experience I’m not sure how I would have handled the situation that they faced. I do know, however, that we should all feel more courageous in spreading the pro-life message on campus. All pro-lifers need to support these students for their witness to life and educate our peers wherever we may be.

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