Abortion doctor convicted of one of his many murders

This story aired in the Boston Globe yesterday. It basically tells the story of an abortion doctor in the United States who through criminal incompetence killed one of his patients. The woman of course was young, the victim of extreme poverty and abuse. Abortion was the latest in a long line of degrading parts of her life and the doctor, not having the basic equipment to make the abortion safe even for the mother, tried to cover up his crime immediately. I honestly don’t know what disgusts me most about this crime. The paper, as expected, perpetrated the myth that abortion is somehow just another medical procedure. The article does not mention the word abortion until well through it, and of course never once mentioned the other life involved in the tragedy. Indeed, if one hadn’t read the title of the article or the ominous line “she was 13 weeks pregnant”, one would almost have the impression that she was coming in to get her tonsils out. One of the arguments I get most often as a pro-lifer is the argument of making abortion safe. Aside from the fact that it is impossible to make anything designed to kill a person entirely safe, I can only hope that this opens up people’s eyes to the fact that no abortion is safe. Even in a country where abortion is legal on demand, you still sometimes get the same treatment as you might get in a back alley. How horrible that it took this monstrous loss of life to finally get this man off the streets, even if it is only for a few months (I have no doubt that if it had not been for the controversy around the abortion issue, he would have got much more time than 9 months), but I wonder how many others out there are like him, Or how many people leave abortion clinics with illnesses that don’t show up right away, like breast cancer or infertility, which the medical community in its zeal to defend “abortion rights” refused to warn people of? Abortion hurts the lives of everyone it touches, from the millions of voiceless victims to the mothers and the families. For every physical scar abortion leaves on all of its victims, there are a thousand emotional ones. This woman and her baby are the latest victim of something that kills millions every year.

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