Can we please stop ignoring the abortion breast cancer link? Please?

Apparently not. Though certainly not for lack of evidence.

An overwhelming majority of the epidemiological studies support an independent link (between abortion and breast cancer).  Seventy epidemiological studies dating from 1957 have been conducted, and approximately 80% report a correlation between having an abortion and increased breast cancer risk.  Animal research and considerable biological evidence also support a link. Even the most zealous opponents of the abortion-cancer link agree that the biological reasons for it are physiologically correct.  No scientist has ever refuted or even challenged the biological explanation.

I’m quoting If you have any doubts about there being a link between abortion and breast cancer, you should check out this extremely thorough website. I’m certainly convinced. What blows my mind is the lack of interest in this topic from the mainstream breast cancer research/fund-raising organizations.

The American Cancer Society opens their page on abortion and breast cancer babbling about how ‘difficult it is to talk about’ (Translation-WE really don’t want to talk about this. Which is why this page is so incomplete.) They then claim that there is no evidence to support the abortion breast cancer link, and defend this claim with three entire studies (okay, that’s like none). Under the heading ‘research study problems’ they try to explain why there are so few studies, and more or less why they aren’t doing any now. Why do I feel like this page has more excuses than science? Perhaps because of how quickly they dismiss studies which have found a correlation between abortion and breast cancer, ultimately deciding that the women in the experiments  must not have been telling the truth.  Wait…WHAT???

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization apparently came up with the same ridiculous conclusion.

The cases in these studies (the women with breast cancer) may be much more likely to give complete information about their abortion history than the controls (the women without breast cancer). Such differences in reporting can bias study results.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think this is a very scientific or empirical explanation for why so many separate studies from all over the world are coming up with the same conclusion…that is, that abortion increases the likelihood of breast cancer. I won’t go into the science here, but even the widely held knowledge that not having an abortion will help protect women from breast cancer is not being shared. Come on Cancer Societies! No one likes to pick on charitable organizations, but we can’t help raising our eyebrows when their research seems a tad on the incomplete side. No, incomplete is not the right word…evasive?

For more on the abortion breast cancer link check out doctor Joel Brind’s video .  Also be sure to check out the biological explanation behind the abortion breast cancer link. Even scientists can’t argue with that one.

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