The CBC on McGill’s Pro-Life Club’s Status Being Suspended

The CBC provides coverage of the suspension of Choose Life (pro-life group at McGill) by the Student Society of McGill University (apparently there’s a video too, but it won’t play for me).

McGill student society president Ivan Neilson says the student council does not take a stance on abortion, but Choose Life’s actions were unacceptable.

“We’ve received several complaints from our students that they felt harassed, that they felt that their safety has come into question and that they felt personally attacked,” he told CBC News. “There are [also] several pamphlets that contain questionable statistics from questionable sources” left at various points on campus, Neilson said[…]

“The hope is that we can encourage actions or tactics on their part which promote respect for all of our [student] members,” Neilson said.

Theresa Gilbert from NLCN highlights some of the golden comments:

This story is best summarized by commenter vox veritas who wrote:

So, on one hand we have some people who FELT harassed, FELT that their safety had come into question and FELT personally attacked. On the other we have a group of people who were ACTUALLY harassed and personally attacked by pro-choice shock troops. Who does council side with? The feelers.

Very true indeed. The story makes an accusation that the people “felt harassed” but were they actually harassed? And if so how? On what occasion? By whom? The story is silent on this point. As for the pro-life club – they were indeed actually harassed… remember these YouTube videos?

And who got punished again?

Silly pro-lifers. The SSMU is above the law. And if they aren’t going to protect students from scary words, who will? Whatever shall they do? Someone needs to sing children’s songs to protect their delicate ears!

I’m including the video again because it never gets old. These are the people in charge at the SSMU.


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