New York Times Front Page Article on Graphic Abortion Images

Wow. Via the Show the Truth Mailing List (Jill Stanek also has detailed coverage), the New York Times did a front page article on the use of graphic images and pro-life work, and actually included the images in its online article.

The photographs are graphic and detailed, showing the fingers or toes of aborted fetuses whose entire frames are no bigger than a cellphone. Since the mid-1990s, they have appeared all over the country — carried as posters by protesters, handed out with pamphlets or, in some cases, mounted like billboards on the sides of trucks.

Like many others, I often wondered about the source of these images. Who took the pictures? Where did the fetuses come from?

A theology professor at Madonna University and the director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, she said she had firsthand experience retrieving fetuses after abortions and photographing them. When we met two days later in her university office, she handed me proof: a series of 4-by-6-inch prints that she shot, which have been turned into portraits by Stephen McGee.

She defended protesters’ use of blown-up imagery — sometimes as large as billboards — as necessary and justified. “In order to see the humanity and beauty of something so small, you have to enlarge it,” she said. “Otherwise, the baby is invisible and dismissed.”

The article is not for the faint of heart. The use of graphic images is controversial, but it’s hard to deny the horror of abortion when you see it up close.

There’s an accompanying slideshow video as well on the New York Times website. It’s amazing that they’re actually taking this topic on.

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