Andrea Mrozek on Teresa Hartnett

Andrea Mrozek from ProWomanProLife has a great post up that involves a brief reflection on Teresa Hartnett’s talk at the de Veber conference at UofT (both were speakers):

Yesterday I heard a very wonderful woman speak at the de Veber conference. Her name was Teresa Hartnett, and wow, I just found her captivating and inspiring for her strong compassionate presence, her words, her expertise in counselling women considering abortion. She’s been doing it for over 20 years at Birthright Pregnancy Services in Hamilton.

She spoke of her work as making a bridge between that catastrophic moment for a woman when she realizes she is pregnant and considers it truly to be the end of her own life and later on, to a future she can’t yet see. She can’t see it in her fear and concern. But Teresa spoke of making this bridge–to the point where she could see that her life will not end, that there is support, that there are true and meaningful choices.

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