Amensty International and Mission Creep

We wrote about Amensty International’s policy change in advocating for abortion back when it happened. Mark Shea has a funny piece (via ProWomanProLife) in response to a recent plea from Amensty for donations:

“We are faced with a severe crisis here at Amnesty International,” goes the pleading donation appeal.

Yes. Well. I have no doubt you are, Mr. Cox. That could have something to do with the fact that you are no longer about helping political prisoners subjected to torture and death, and have instead dedicated yourselves to expanding the abortion license worldwide? When you mutate into another garden-variety promoter of the culture of death, it rather stands to reason that people who think you should be doing what you were founded to do and not the exact bleedin’ opposite will find other places to send their money. Somehow your appeal letter neglects to mention this salient fact.

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