Abortion in Canada: The Reality of Choice

We’re hosting a symposium at the University of Toronto next Friday.

The issue of abortion is generally a taboo topic in today’s society. Pro-abortion advocates claim that the debate is over, that no caring person can possibly question “a woman’s right to choose.” Those who don’t feel strongly either way allow such euphemisms as these cloud the debate and thus they go along with the illusion that Canada is a place that supports women’s “choices”.

This conference aims to challenge the pro-abortion assumptions and reopen the debate on a variety of fronts, looking at the issue from societal, cultural, medical, and human rights perspectives and pointing to the reality of abortion in Canada today. We believe that women and their unborn children deserve better than what Canada is offering them, and we stand for re-focusing the debate to take account of many issues that have not been adequately addressed, for the sake of women, unborn children, and every single member of Canadian society, present and future.

Our speakers include:

  • Michael Connell – “A Legal and Historical Overview of Abortion in Canada.”
  • Dr. Moira McQueen – “Fetal Personhood and Human Rights”
  • Rory Leishman – “The Politics of Abortion and the Media”
  • Fr. Tom Lynch – “Abortion: A Religious or Human Rights Issue?”
  • Margaret McKay, Birthright International – “A Loving Response to Crisis Pregnancy”
  • Teresa Harnett – “Mending Shattered Lives”
  • Dr. Deborah Zeni – “Abortion’s Impact on Women’s Health”
  • Dr. Paul Ranalli – “A Medical Detective Story”

Please register online to let us know if you’re coming!

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