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Tale of the Tape: Stephanie Gray

Yesterday we profiled Dr. Donald Ainslie in our lead-up to our debate next Monday night! Now I will highlight Dr. Ainslie’s opponent for the evening – Stephanie Gray: EDUCATION 2008–2009 Certification, with Distinction, in Health Care Ethics, U.S. National Catholic

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Carleton Lifeline Sues Carleton University

Carleton Lifeline has filed a lawsuit against Carleton University and its administration. Five pro-life students were arrested in October for trespassing on their own campus, and later that month the group was intimated further for putting on “Choice” Chain, despite

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Study Claims Abortion Not Depressing

  Well this is certainly a new one. A study reported today that they could find absolutely no correlation between mental health problems and abortions. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. First of all I suppose

Another Kind of Graphic Image

Hi folks, I was just reading the newspaper the other day and I came upon an article about cigarette packages. Apparently the government of Canada has imposed a new line of images on the front of them showing the various

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Parliament too scared of abortion to illegalize coercion

Well there seems to be one more example of the fact that not only does our government not care about the unborn lives ended by abortion, but also does not care about the women whose lives are scarred by it.

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Amnesty International’s War on Life

Particularly after our Maternal Health lecture and hearing the horror stories about life and motherhood in the Third World, I find it more and more important to look out at the world and find organisations that are genuinely doing good

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Toronto Right to Life: New Website, Facebook Page, Twitter Account

This is a shameless plug (I’m on the organization’s board of directors), but I figure lots of our readers here will be interested in Toronto Right to Life’s new website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. UTSFL and TRL often work

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Epigenetics and the sanctity of life

This past Tuesday, Dr. Clem Persaud was on the U of T campus and gave a talk regarding epigenetics and its relationship to the life issues. I will give a summary of the talk and then give a little bit

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Can YOU lose your voice for a day?

As many of you know, today is the annual “PRO LIFE DAY OF SILENT SOLIDARITY“. In respect for those who never had the chance to speak, pro-life campuses around Canada and around the globe will be witnesses to the injustice

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Working Together To Build A Culture of Life: The NCLN Campus Blogs Aggregator

In August, I helped the National Campus Life Network launch the campus blogs section of their new website. I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, and many pro-life students already know about it. These past couple weeks,

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