Can YOU lose your voice for a day?

As many of you know, today is the annual “PRO LIFE DAY OF SILENT SOLIDARITY“.

In respect for those who never had the chance to speak, pro-life campuses around Canada and around the globe will be witnesses to the injustice of abortion by being silent for the entire day and handing out flyers to those who ask why they are not speaking.

Flyers can be downloaded here.  Students are also asked to wear red arm bands or red tape around their mouths, in honour of the blood that has been shed by abortion.

In the Lifesitenews article dedicated to this special day, it is stated that “Last year Stand True heard from participants that over 80 girls canceled their abortions on the day of the event due to the silent campaign”. This is amazing!

I just wanted to say that there is so much we need to be thankful for. After all the events that are taking place at this very moment, such as 40 Days for Life in the US and in Canada, as well as the past trial of the Carleton and Queen students  forcibly silenced , there is so much being done and said. At this very moment, crisis pregnancy centres are open and hoping for a new expecting mother who will walk in bravely and ask for help.

I understand there is a great deal more that we can do to reach out to the students on our campus, and of course by no means can we just sit back and take a break, but we have certainly come a long way. The Pro-life stand is making its name known, and what we CAN certainly do is to make sure that this stand remains just and true. It cannot have any double standards and must be full of a care for all life.

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