Introducing Our 2015-2016 Executive Committee…

Welcome back to another year at the University of Toronto!

To start off the year, we would like to introduce to you our Executive Committee for 2015-2016.

There will be some familiar faces and some new ones, so be sure not to miss any!

First up is our President, Michelle Caluag:



Name: Michelle Caluag

Year and Program of Study: Fourth year; double major in Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences

How did you become involved with the Pro-Life Movement?: After attending my first March for Life in grade twelve, I realized that this is an issue that I can’t just set aside and a cause I must do something about.

What makes the UTSFL an important part of the Pro-Life Movement?: UTSFL is vital in informing our peers  the truth about abortion because it is at the post-secondary level  that we form/strengthen our beliefs which we then carry and apply to life outside school. Also, since we are a campus student club, we are at arm’s reach to students who may be experiencing a crisis pregnancy.

What do you hope to accomplish through your involvement with UTSFL?: As president of our club, I hope to reach more people’s minds and hearts to help change how they think and feel about abortion. I hope to spread the true pro-life message on campus so many more moms can be helped and more babies be saved.


We are looking forward to another great year with Michelle as our President.

Want to get to know the rest of our Executive Committee? Keep an eye out for more posts introducing our other members!

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