Apparently having the right to kill your child….

Makes you a better mother.

Quite a different stance than this:

We don’t wish to take the country back in time; rather, we aspire to move it forward, beyond a time when women are treated as objects and pitted against their children and their religious institutions — and toward a time when truly emancipated women embrace their intrinsic dignity and, with it, their authentic womanhood.

3 Comments on “Apparently having the right to kill your child….

  1. I agree that women should have a right to make up their minds. If you are an adult you have the maturity to understand and accept the responsibilty of your choice. I was a teen of 15 when the choice was forced on me by my religious Christian parents who were afraid of public opinion. I was so afraid of opposing them so I went along with their decision. It is now 27 years later and not a day goes by that I do not imagine what my son would have looked like. I wonder why they could not love my child…(did they love me)… and maybe have given him to a childless couple. We know very little about the soul…and how mothers who do this deed really ache inside about their decision. What if we had a more loving society and loving church that gave young girls support, even if it meant rescuing them from the tyrany of their wicked parents. Maybe my parents wanted to protect me but ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I am an anti-abortionist and I think that killing children is not the worlds answer to unwanted pregnancies. Woman need to be offered more options instead of highlighting abortion as a safe and logical option. How much research has been done concerning the after effects of such an act on the minds of mothers. I mourn my child everyday. But I know I will see him again…Religion is a whole load of lies that needs to be addressed …so is the lies of propoganda that pro-abortionists voice about woman’s rights.
    This is a life changing decision that should not be taken lightly. Women need to be careful to weigh the pros and cons B4 having an abortion.

  2. The problem that many people have with the pro-life position about abortion is the claim that it is the same as murder. They tend to equate the value of the life of the zygote, which is truly human, to that of the fully developed fetus living outside the mother’s womb. Because of significant biological differences developmentally, the life of the former, while highly valued, is nontheless of intrinsically of less value than that of the latter.

    • When does biological development stop? Long, long after birth. If how developed you are — which is just a function of your age — determines whether or not we can kill you, why is 9 months of development sufficient?

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