Become a Pro-Life Jedi Master: Answering Common Arguments, The Chart

Yesterday, I highlighted the excellent advanced pro-life apologetics document from Scott Klusendof, but today I’d like to dig into the other link provided by that Brett Kunkle. Brett pointed out that Alan Shlemon from Stand to Reason posted an excellent resource on responding to common objections to the pro-life argument, including this chart and a video explaining it.

This reminds me of Scott Klusendorf’s five bad ways to argument about abortion (original article). Klusendorf’s article is more comprehensive, but it helps to more to identify the fallacies. Shlemon’s contains a short-hand for how to respond (though, I admit I need to look up some of the short-hand terms that Stand to Reason uses).

Another great tool to have in your Pro-Life Jedi bag of tricks.

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