Apathy rules: Most Canadians clueless about Canadian abortion law

Well here is a surprise. It turns out about two-thirds of Canadians do not know what the abortion law is in Canada; namely that there is no abortion law in Canada. From the National Post:

The poll, which asked 1,022 Canadian adults about their understanding of the country’s abortion regulations, found that just 22% of Canadians correctly identified a woman’s right to an abortion with no governmental restrictions. Canada has not had legislated abortion rules since 1988, making the country an “absolute outlier” on the issue, according to a medical ethicist.

“There’s really only a very small number of Canadians that correctly identify the current situation in Canada,” says pollster Jaideep Mukerji, who worked on the Angus-Reid poll, which was released on Tuesday. “That could be problematic.”

“Once you explain to them what the actual law is, there’s only 27% of Canadians that say that the status quo [of no law] should be maintained. There’s a majority of Canadians that would like to make some change to that status quo,” Mr. Mukerji said.

The majority of Canadians are not pro-life or pro-choice. The majority are the “mushy middle” and that is why it is so important to talk about this issue whenever we can, even if we feel no one wants to hear it.

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