How should we tackle the issue of child mortality? Kill more children!

The UN has some pretty interesting solutions to the tragedy that is childhood and maternal death. I want to highlight a post from that tireless pro-life fighter Jill Stanek regarding reports on child and maternal mortality:

The article, btw, reports on the worldwide tragedy of child (under 5) and maternal mortality. While there has been improvement, here is the UN’s solution, per the piece:

“In Canada, I will urge leaders to support our global action plan on women’s and children’s health. In the 21st century, it is unacceptable that mothers should be dying during childbirth,” [UN Secretary-General] Mr. Ban [Ki-moon] told reporters…

Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, Executive Director of the UN Population Fund… stated. “Therefore, to speed up progress, we must invest more in reproductive health for women and girls. If every woman received reproductive health care, maternal death and disability would cease to be the devastatingly common tragedy it is today.”

Reproductive health (aka. abortion) to combat mortality rates? At least the stats will go down…abortions are not considered deaths in the eyes of the UN but they should be.

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