Business as usual: Abortion activist complains then says something ridiculous

Abortion activist Serena Freewomyn is upset that there are not enough abortion activists out there.  We actually hope that that is the case but she actually goes on to say:

The upside is that the wing nuts who hassle patients at abortion clinics are in the minority. The sad part of this, though, is that they are vocal, well-funded, and extremely organized. They know how to make life miserable for women and the doctors who serve them. And it’s time to make them stop.

Vocal? Yes. Extremely organized? Maybe. Well-funded? Hahahaha! As much as I and the other pro-lifers love taking our dips in the money pool like Scrooge McDuck the truth is that the abortion industry has money that us pro-lifers can only dream of. Remember this?

That was not all. Freewomyn then goes on to add:

The generation of feminists who has gone before us is ready to pass the baton onto someone else, and we need to be ready to step up to the challenge.

Um, Serena, you are struggling mightily to pass the baton onto young pro-aborts.  Do you think it might be that you aborted them already?

Also, can you really get inspired to defend this:

HT:  Jill Stanek

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