Trouble adopting abroad, yet we kill the unborn at home

I don’t know a lot about the experience of trying to adopt a child in Canada, except that it’s hard. Which is probably why a lot of couples look to agencies like Imagine Adoption to find children abroad. This is old news, but many couples were left hanging when the agency filed for bankruptcy a few weeks back. I won’t comment much on the particulars of the situation, but it just struck me that in all the talk about the perils of adopting abroad, there’s no talk about why there aren’t many children to adopt here.

There’s no talk about abortion.

“The deep desire by Westerners to become parents” is apparently totally disconnected from Westerner’s reliance on abortion to not become parents. I wish someone would examine that relationship.

There seems to be no shortage of Canadian parents looking for children to adopt. We tend to recommend killing the unwanted instead.

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