China loosens its one-child policy… a bit

China is loosening its one-child policy (via Jill Stanek).

China is not doing away with the one-child policy, which still largely applies to urban residents, but is allowing more exceptions to the rule. Shanghai, one of China’s biggest cities with 20 million residents, is leading the effort.
China is taking the first step towards reversing its “one-child policy”, with the authorities in the second city of Shanghai now actively encouraging thousands of couples to have a second baby.

For the first time in decades, local officials in China’s economic capital have urged eligible parents to plan for a second child. The move was prompted by the city’s growing demographic imbalance and fears that the young generation will not be able to support the rapidly aging population.

A guess a sometimes-maybe-two-child policy is step in the right direction? Better than a zero-child policy…

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