Choosing a Masters degree over the life of a child

Andrea Mrozek at ProWomanProLife offers a sharp response to the recent abortion saga in the NY Times (in short, a series of articles where a young pregnant women solicits advice and then decides to abort):

Now I was raised by tough and courageous parents, who moved across the ocean to escape an immoral regime. Maybe that’s why I find I’m often short on the sympathy file. If you claim to want to do the right thing, then just do it. Don’t write long meandering tracts on how you wanted to but couldn’t possibly be brave. (The article also points out she was offered every help in the book.)

You know what I’m sorry about? (Because I’m not feeling sympathy for her right now, to be sure.) I’m sorry a person can be so spineless as to kill her child in favour of a Masters degree. And then claim “it was the right thing to do” to the nodding affirmation of New York Times types.

The mother’s rationalization of her decision isn’t very inspiring…

I firmly believe that there’s nothing to regret here and we didn’t do anything wrong. Birth control fails. People get scared. They underestimate themselves and each other. Everything will be okay.

Though, quite frankly, if you even glance at the whole thing, I’m not too convinced she’s so firm in her beliefs. Otherwise, why spend so much time with the rationalization?

It’s a tragedy, not only that a child will die for the sake of a degree, but that this wasn’t an easy decision for the mother to make, and it doesn’t seem like she’ll truly be at peace with it any time soon.

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