ProWomanProLife Interviews Ezra Levant

Last week, Andrea Mrozek from ProWomanProLife interviewed Ezra Levant about his battle against the human rights commission and how lessons learned might be applied to the pro-life movement.

PWPL: In your book you discuss how the term “human rights” has been hijacked by “dysfunctional, self-interested government agencies who lost track of what the term means a long time ago.” When a term has been hijacked like that, what’s the best thing to do—take it back or come up with a new one?

Ezra Levant: I think it’s a good idea to take back the good words. First of all, it restores them to their proper meaning. Second of all, it confuses the other side, because they’re used to very shallow debates — they rarely get a run for their money — so if they’re forced to move beyond mere labels and into the substance of the debate, that’s a win right there.

So, for example, I now call myself a human rights activist, and a liberal. Because it’s true, first of all. And because: why should human rights destroyers get to steal those good words?

I’ve had this experience many times when talking about issues like abortion with friends. When you question the labels and get to the core of what they really mean (or what they really disguise), that’s how people begin to question their beliefs.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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