“We made up that lie around my coffee table…”

The Catholic Register must be increasing its coverage on the abortion issue in preparation for the March for Life next Thursday. I’ve just read several great articles. I’ve already written about the interview with Geoff Cauchi, but this overview of the pro-life movement in Canada is also great: Seeking a future without abortion.

Most of it won’t be new to anyone involved in the issues, but there was one part that grabbed me — an exchange between Henry Morgentaler and Bernard Nathanson in 1985:

In 1985 Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who was the founder of what is now called NARAL Pro-Choice America and had presided over more than 60,000 abortions in his lifetime, was interviewed with Henry Morgentaler, Canada‚Äôs leading abortionist. Morgentaler claimed one-million women had died in back-alley abortions. Nathanson, a pro-life convert as a result of his work with ultrasound technology, said, “Henry, we made up that lie around my coffee table. We thought the media would accept the one-million number and they did. Now you (Henry) are feeding me my own lie.” Morgentaler nevertheless continued the one-million lie for years.


Be sure to check out some of the other great articles from this week. I’m sure the coverage will only improve as the actual event nears.

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