The New Canadian Pro-Choice Tactic: Yelling

Jose Ruba got a warm welcome from pro-choicers at St. Mary’s University the other day. Similar to tactics we’ve seen on the U of T campus in the past weeks, these protesters decided to shout slogans (the same ones we heard) at the top of their lungs to drown out the university sanctioned lecture that was taking place.

My favourite part comes when the protesters hesitate in silence for a moment as Ruba says, after being accused of being racist and sexist and being drowned out by the chants, “excuse me, sir, when was the last time you heard me speak?”


A word of advice to pro-choicers in Canada who’ve got this recent cheer-leading bug: it’s really hard to pull the “choice” card when you no longer support freedom of speech.

Hat tip: AmP

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