Pro-life ad pulled from Hamilton bus shelters

The city of Hamilton has removed a pro-life advertisement from its bus shelters after a “handful of complaints” calling the following advertisement “offensive” and “totally inappropriate.”

Abortion - Have we gone too far?
Abortion - have we gone too far?


Joanne Byfield, the president of Life Canada responded to the city’s decision, saying, “Councillor McHattie asked for the ads to be pulled because he says, ‘For me personally, it definitely was offensive.’ I wish he was more specific. Was it the image of the pregnant woman that so offended him? Was it the statement of fact in the ad: ‘Nine months: The length of time abortion is allowed in Canada. No medical reason needed?’ Or was it the tag line, ‘Abortion: Have we gone too far?'”

What exactly is it that the City of Hamilton finds so offensive about the ads? Quite frankly, it seems that abortion is what’s offensive – all the more reason that we should be allowed to question it.
To contact Hamilton’s transit office:

Brian Hull
(905) 528-4200
Fax: (905) 679-7305

To contact Counsellor Brian McHattie:
Business Phone: (905) 546-2416
Fax: (905) 546-2535

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