Every child a wanted child?

I recently came across a pro-choice opinion piece in the Edmonton Sun written by Joyce Arthur from the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada which sang all sorts of praises for abortion without even daring to approach the obvious question – what is the unborn? Of course, it’s easier to hail the struggle for abortion rights as heroic while ignoring the nature of abortion. Meh, that’s expected.

However, there were a few lines in there that were too hopelessly confused not to comment on.

Women are independent beings with rights, and children and motherhood are both too valuable to ever be forced onto someone.

Proudly pro-choice, we vow to continue moving forward until we achieve Dr. Morgentaler’s personal dream: “Every mother a willing mother, every child a wanted child.”

First of all, let’s make it clear: no one here is denying that women are “independent beings with rights”; in fact, true feminism goes hand in hand with the pro-life movement.

Joyce is guilty of completely ignoring the reality of abortion. That’s the only way her comments can begin to make sense or be intelligible. Calling children “too valuable” to force on someone is a bit of an awkward statement (usually, valuable things do not need to be forced on people), but it becomes hopelessly confused when you consider the solution the Abortion Rights Coalition is campaigning for. If children are so valuable, then why do we mangle them up and throw them in the trash when it’s more convenient? Why would we do such a thing at all? “Every child a wanted child” is a bold claim for those who campaign in support of 276 children being thrown in the trash daily.

Of course it makes sense to hope that all children are wanted, but the logic breaks down when we tear the unwanted children apart limb from limb.

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