Full Abortions Shown on Spanish Television

Link to the Article: http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2007/dec/07121401.html

For decades the pro-abortion bias of the mass media has curtailed nearly all attempts made by pro-life forces from getting their message across.  Us pro-lifers are usually just ignored.  When we cannot be ignored, we are demonized and considered radicals on the fringe of society. 

The fact that videos of abortions were televised in Spain recently gives us new hope.  Finally millions of people from all walks of life are presented with the truth that abortion is a horrific evil.  They were shown the still-born children who were injected with poison minutes before.  They were shown the cut up arms, legs, bodies, and heads after the abortion procedure.

Perhaps now there can be an honest debate in Spain concerning abortion.  Now that millions of Spaniards know what abortion truly is, they can discuss the issue at the national, local, and personal level properly.  The pro-abortion rhetoric can never outweigh images and film of unborn children being ripped apart in the womb only to be  dragged out and thrown into the trash can.  The ordinary Spaniard is no longer subject to such sophistry.

This gives us hope because the Spanish case almost certainly will be a precedent for the rest of Europe and even North America.  If this brave broadcaster in Spain can air such disturbing, yet such truthful videos, and change public opinion on the matter by doing so, what is to stop broadcasters in other countries from doing the same? 

We can only hope that the Spanish case yields a positive result.  Our pro-life brothers and sisters in Spain are working diligently.  Getting these videos aired was a giant step in this long and tiring war for the lives of the innocent.  We must follow their example and continue doing our part.  The war for the lives of the most innocent is at a crucial turning point.  Let us take full advantage!

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