MUN for LIFE President Acclaimed to Serve on MUNSU Board of Directors

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Thursday, November 08, 2007


MUN for LIFE President Acclaimed to Serve on MUNSU Board of Directors

Patrick Hanlon, pro-life leader and Memorial University of Newfoundland Students for LIFE (MUN for LIFE) President, was acclaimed to serve on the officially pro-choice MUN Students’ Union Board of Directors (MUNSU) as an Arts Representative. MUNSU had a number of vacancies, so it planned to hold a by-election following the close of nominations on October 19, 2007. Hanlon submitted his nomination papers and no body ran against him. His acclamation, along with others, was ratified by MUNSU at its regular meeting on November 7.

Patrick Hanlon believes that all students should have representation on MUNSU and be treated equitably and respectfully by their union. However, there are concerns that MUNSU is not representing all students. This is due to the fact that MUSNU has adopted the Canadian Federation of Students position on abortion, despite the contrary opinions of many MUN students. MUNSU’s mandate should be to attempt to represent all different opinions on campus and not take the position of a political organization. As a result of this political position, pro-life students have been denied their right to organize as a group and have free speech under the banner of MUN for LIFE. These students have also been on the receiving end of unsubstantiated slanderous allegations from MUNSU officials.

Since MUNSU denied MUN for LIFE ratification at its September 26, 2007 meeting, both pro-life and anti-life (pro-choice) students have been expressing their displeasure at MUNSU for signaling the death of free speech on a university campus. MUN for LIFE has extended multiple invitations to MUNSU’s directors to meet with its President to discuss its ratification, unfortunately all declined. MUN for LIFE has also attempted to reconcile this situation by attending MUNSU meetings, speaking with permission, and seeking consolation, unfortunately MUNSU’s directors declined once again.

Upon being acclaimed, Hanlon said “I like to think of the old adage ‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.’ But that does not apply in this case. This conflict is not resolved. There is more to come. We, MUN for LIFE will continue our struggle for fair and equal treatment by MUNSU. We can not rest while babies are dying and women are hurting. I am now in an interesting position to lobby on behalf of MUN for LIFE, and all other students not currently represented by MUNSU”

At the November 7 MUNSU meeting Patrick Hanlon gave notice that at the November 14 he intends to table a motion to reconsider the September 26 denial of MUN for LIFE’s application for ratification. Hanlon hopes that MUNSU will take this opportunity to reserve the precedent setting decision to discriminate against someone, and deny them their right to free speech, because of their political opinions.


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