I received an email update from MUN for LIFE regarding their ongoing battle with MUNSU, the Memorial Unvirsity of Newfoundland Students’ Union which has refused to grant them club status because they are pro-life. I had sent an email to MUNSU and the Memorial University administration, copied to MUN for LIFE. Patrick Hanlon, the club president, took the time to give me this update:

The MUN for LIFE vs MUNSU issue is still alive and well. The student newspaper said MUNSU received thousands of emails. We spoke at two MUNSU meetings. We had five radio interviews and four newspaper stories, ie: The public has been supportive. Various MUN professors, campus ministers, parents, staff, and students, have lobbied MUNSU in our favour. The Memorial University of Newfoundland administration can do very little to persuade the MUN Students’ Union, but it seems as if we have their support. The MUNSU executive is surprised at the outcry and may be ready to budge, or at least one executive member is ready. The next step in the journey to ratification will be on Wednesday evening at 5:00 Newfoundland Time (3:30 Eastern Time) when the MUNSU Board will
hearing from us again at their regular weekly meeting. If they don’t change their minds, we will be looking out our options with our legal advisors. Regardless of what happens in the end, will continue our life saving and life giving pro-life ministry.

Keep fighting the good fight!

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