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Thank you Cardinal Ouellet

I wanted to post this earlier but just did not have the time.  I’m sure you all have heard the Cardinal Ouellet statement that abortion in the case of rape is still wrong (aside: A Catholic clergyman saying that abortion

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Rebecca Kiessling at UofT Tonight: Did I Deserve the Death Penalty?

Reminder: we’ll be hosting Rebecca Kiessling at St. Michael’s College tonight, in the Coop (Brennan Hall) from 6-8pm — hope to see you there!

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Is late-term abortion ever necessary?

It is unfortunately common for people to be against abortion, but make exceptions for cases like rape, incest, or the health (not necessarily “life”) of the mother. It’s unfortunate because it’s an incoherent position. If the unborn is not a

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The Factor takes on Planned Parenthood

These pro-life “sting” operations are not news, but this video can bring you up to speed if you haven’t been keeping up (in short: female pro-life activists, pretending to be underage, document Planned Parenthood employees ignoring parental consent laws and

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Thoughts from a prolife (former) athiest

Steve Kellmeyer writes in a guest post on The Dawn Patrol: I wanted to be a scientist, be someone important, discover something new, be an adult. But, as number four in a family of eight children, my mother had taught

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