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Where’s that in the Bible?

It makes me laugh when people accuse me of proselytizing on the job just because I tell patients how certain medications can work. I thought it was my job as a pharmacist to know the different mechanisms of action of

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Pharm Fridays: The pill kills

This is a  good, concise summary of why the pill can be labelled as an abortifacient:

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Documentary about the pill now available

I’m thinking of making Fridays “Pharm Fridays” where I want to discuss the abortifacient properties of contraceptives you can easily access at your local pharmacy. Here is a documentary about the pill to get things going: The Birth Control Pill

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Thoughts from a prolife (former) athiest

Steve Kellmeyer writes in a guest post on The Dawn Patrol: I wanted to be a scientist, be someone important, discover something new, be an adult. But, as number four in a family of eight children, my mother had taught

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What do Pro-Lifers think about contraception?

As a club, Students for Life doesn’t take a stance on contraception. Opponents often (smugly) question why pro-lifers wouldn’t add their unconditional support to contraceptives in order to reduce unwanted pregnancies, but the issue is really more complicated than that

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